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Standalone ATMega328 - do I need to burn the bootloader?

At the risk of having my answer closed as "link only" I want to tell you that I have a page describing how to make an Atmega328P into an Arduino-compatible board. There is far too much ...
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Post request to pythonanywhere gives 400 response

Problem solved, the trick is to use: char serverAddress[] = "raihanb13.pythonanywhere.com"; No http or https, only the address.
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Arduino Uno R3 (with Atmega 16u2) and MAC OSX 10.11 (El capitan) not working

There is complete documentation on Arduino website, I followed the steps and I was able to install driver https://support.arduino.cc/hc/en-us/articles/4408887452434-Flash-USB-to-serial-firmware-in-DFU-...
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