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I had the same issue even with capacitor between Vcc and GND and resistor between RESET and Vcc. Finally, I use 5V Instead of 3.3V to power up my ATTINY and the problem was solved!


I'm a software engineer that works with biometric sensors. The answer is, it will vary greatly depending on the scanner you've chosen. Some hardware solutions have built-in subject enrollment and database matching; some simply collect an image and return it in an appropriate format- sometimes an image file (e.g. PNG), or a template file (a binary ...


There is a discussion thread on Quora discussing finger print scanners that provide raw output. The Quora author recommends a Futronic device which comes with an API for raw image collection. They also discussed NeuroTechnology which apparently also has a downloadable image database. Looking at the neurotechnology website they also have some interesting SDK ...


Echoing my comment on SO with more information: Commercial fingerprint sensors like this one do local store and compare and do not expose the actual image or binary signature. What they transmit to the microcontroller are ID's and match success. If you need the binary data of the image itself you may be able to write your own image processing algorithm, ...


Is there any print out based on this; Serial.print("Initializing SD card..."); // see if the card is present and can be initialized: if (!SD.begin(chipSelect)) { Serial.println("Card failed, or not present"); // don't do anything more: return; } Serial.println("card initialized."); Solution; Try change const int ...


The error can be solved by installing Python serial package via these two commands $ sudo apt-get update -y $ sudo apt-get install -y python-serial


As Juraj and Majenko pointed out in the comments, your python installation lacks the module serial. In Linux the best way to install it would be pip or rather pip3 for Python 3: sudo pip3 install serial If you don't have pip3 on you system, install python3-pip first, e. g. using apt: sudo apt install python3-pip

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