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This is NOT my answer, this is the answer of @Gerben, thank you. The Arduino IDE suspends the serial connection while uploading, and then resumes when done. It looks like they added some delay before reopening the serial connection. So it looks like you code will run twice, even when you keep the Serial Console open


Yes, you can, but taking into account the specifics of production. The Mega 2560, Due is a great solution.


The problem is most likely your power supply coupled with the poor design of the capacitive sensing system. The capacitive sensing is done by measuring the capacitance between your foil plate and "ground". That "ground" is usually a connection through the USB cable and your computer's power supply through the earth wire of your power ...


The Arduino "language" is nothing more than a set of C++ functions and classes. It does not mandate any particular C++ standard. The standard is dictated purely by the compiler that the core you are using happens to support (and is configured to use through command line flags). Different cores use different compilers. Different versions of the same ...


You mixed WiFiClient and HttpClient examples. Remove this part: if (client.connected()) { Serial.println("connected"); client.println(); } else { Serial.println("connection failed"); } The client object is used internally by the http object to establish a connection and sent a HTTP request in http.POST call.


I am not sure this is related to thread-safety, but you should be aware that is a slow function that blocks while the data is being sent. setPixelColor(), in contrast, is fast, as it only updates the data in memory. I suggest you modify musicVisualizer() in such a way that it only show()s each strip once. The bulk of the function should be about ...


Of course, as soon as I linked that WiFi Manager library in my question, I figured it out. The term I was missing was "captive portal" and I was able to figure it out from there. But I decided to post the question anyways, since it might help someone else stuck in the same situation. Here's my understanding of how it works: when your device ...

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