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Error: void value not ignored as it ought to be done =, sizeof(float));

This statement: done =, sizeof(float)); is not compatible with the current <RF24.h> library. The read() method now has this signature: void read (void *buf, uint8_t len) You ...
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Arduino Cloud Editor doesn't work on ChromeOS

UPDATE May 25: The Arduino Cloud developers have now restored support for uploading to 3rd party derivatives of the officially supported boards from Arduino Cloud Editor on ChromeOS machines. So the ...
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deserializeJson() failed: NoMemory when sending Serial json using ArduinoJson

I'm pretty sure you're using ArduinoJson 7 because ArduinoJson 6 would not return NoMemory in such conditions. On 8-bit microcontrollers (such as the Arduino Nano), I recommend using version 6 because ...
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