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Using a Microchip Fubarino with the Arduino IDE, how to acces and configure all pins

The entries in the "bits" structures are named after the bits. It's not TRISAbits.RA10 but TRISAbits.TRISA10 The same goes for LATAbits.LATA10 The only exception is the "port" ...
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bh1750 lightsesor won't work

The SCL and SDA silkscreen was reversed on my chips. Took an hour of faffing to figure that out. Never "Just presume" it is correct
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Location of examples folder in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu I found arduino library on /home/MYUSERNAME/snap/arduino where MYUSERNAME is user name
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NodeMCU programming without USB port

I did some checking and discovered some of my cables are not suitable for data transfers. They seem to work for charging. Three cables worked with the ESP8266s. These calbles were used to re-program ...
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