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Nema 17 stepper motor speed problem

Stepper motors need to be gradually brought up to speed. If you try to go from zero rpm to anything over a few hundred rpm they will often just sit there and hum. Try AccelStepper (https://www.arduino....
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ESP32 SPI Mutual Communication

For ESP32, unless the exact board variant is specified, by default the macros for MISO, MOSI, SCK and SS are defined as follows and are used for VSPI(i.e. SPI0): static const uint8_t SS = 5; static ...
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Feather M0 doesn't show up as a COM or Serial port

Turns out the bootloader/USB firmware wasn't loaded in, which is why the double-tap reset wasn't working. I looked into the option of using another board as a programmer to get the bootloader in my ...
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