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Refers to the code burned on the Arduino flash memory that runs every time the board is powered up. It starts the execution of user-loaded programs and allows uploading sketches from a PC through the USB connection. This tag should be used for questions about modifying, changing, uploading the default bootloader.

pcb, I can't burn the bootloader using an Arduino UNO. I've double checked the pinouts from the Atmega328P datasheet and they are correct. Using a tester, I've also verified that the connections are … Arduino GND to GND I've also burned the ArduinoISP program on th Arduino UNO, selected Arduino as ISP and chosen Arduino UNO as board. When I press 'Burn Bootloader', I'm getting this error …
asked Jul 23 '18 by noobiejp
I am creating a standalone Arduino using Atmega328P. The circuit is below. However, I'm seeing avrdude: Device signature = 0x000000 error whenever I try to burn the Arduino Uno bootloader … tried this very circuit on an atmega328P soldered in a TQFP adapter and with the other components soldered on the adapter as well (looks like a jungle of wires) and somehow I was able to burn the bootloader. Hoping someone can point out what's wrong. …
asked Oct 15 '18 by noobiejp