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ESP32 SocketIO Client is not connecting to Flask-SocketIO Server

I'm trying to connect a ESP32 client using SocketIO with a Flask-SocketIO server and it's not getting connected. The server uses SSL. The local server address is the ...
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ESP32 can't connect to websocket web application hosted in Glitch server

I am trying to build a system to send sensor data from esp32 to a node.js based application with Websocket, hosted on Glitch server. When locally hosted (under the same router), esp32 can send data to ...
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2 votes
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WebSocket Server for MKR1000

I was looking for a websocket server for my MKR1000 but nothing I found works. I tried all the libraries that come with Arduino but half of those don't compile on the MKR1000 and those that do it don'...
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