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A web-server is a system which delivers data such as web-pages to a client system.

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Is an Arduino capable of running 24/7?

I'm making a simple Arduino web server and I want to keep it turned on all the time. So it must endure to stay working continuously. I'm using an Arduino Uno with a Ethernet Shield. It's powered ...
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ESP32 Access Point and HTTP Web Server, how to send multiple parameters?

I made this minimal example in order to figure out how to get requests (or whatever they are called) to display in the serial monitor. However, none of the query parameters (in the URL) can be seen in ...
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Webserver on Arduino: Refresh issues

I am using W5100 Ethernet Shield Network Module with arduino Uno as a webserver to trigger four relays connected to it. The relays may be toggled through the four buttons attached to it physically, ...
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Getting data from web form [duplicate]

I am using an EthernetServer and EthernetClient with Arduino in order to make a simple webpage. I have a web form for a user to enter various codes that can reset data stored on the back end. However, ...
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How to allow cross-domain requests on ESP8266WebServer

I am using a Raspberry Pi running Chrome (handling the user interface) and connecting via ajax to an Arduino D1 compatible using the IP address as follows: $.ajax({ type: "GET", ...
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Sending data from webserver to Arduino

Hello Arduino enthusiasts! I've been working on a keypad lock system for school lately and I need some advice.Basically, my code checks if the entered passcode is the same than a predefined passcode ...
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How to pass JsonObject from ArduinoJson to ESP8266WebServer object?

I am learning the ArduinoJson.h library and creating jsonOject: JsonObject& prepareResponse(JsonBuffer& jsonBuffer) { JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject(); JsonArray& ...
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Mega <> esp8266 comms sending baffling data

I have Wemos Mega-ESP8266 board. I have uploaded a simple WebSocket server on the ESP... #include <ESP8266WiFi.h> #include <WebSocketsServer.h> const char* ssid = "SKYNET"; const ...
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client.connect() fails except the first time

I am communicating with the Web server's database via Arduino GSM shield + GPRS connectivity void loop() { if (client.connect(server, port)) { ....... } else { ...
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Any way to pass EthernetClient to function outside of loop automatically?

I have an Arduino webserver that displays many buttons over a webpage (73 at the moment) that toggle different switches. I shortened up the button-drawing code with this function: void displayButton(...
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Cannot directly connect Arduino Ethernet to PC

I have been following various tutorials (especially: this) to connect an Arduino Ethernet board to my Ubuntu PC via Ethernet directly. The IP address of the computer was found to be, ...
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How to speed up writing a file to a WifiClient?

I'm working with a Realtek Ameba IoT RTL8195 board that's compatible to Arduino. I have a text file on an SD card that I want to send via HTTP over wifi, with the Ameba acting as a server. I ...
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