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Square wave generator generates a shorter pulse from time to time

I am using an arduino Micro to generate 8 square waves on 8 pins. The idea is as follows: on pin 13 is the main square wave. It represents a certain BPM (beats per minute). The other 7 pins should ...
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Tone() function pauses between notes

I tried to experiment with the tone() function that comes with the arduino library. I played around with the standard code example located here:
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Timer question: Phase Correct PWM at specific frequency

I am trying to create a sinusoidal wave segmented in 64 Frame, each holding a Duty cycle precisely varying from 0x00 to 0xff. This is for an Arduino Nano. I have trouble understanding the following: ...
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Play computer *.wav files through Arduino

I am doing mice behavioral training. I have an arduino-controlled box for that. The sounds are play using Mp3 player controlled b the arduino. However, the mp3 player is not good enough for my needs. ...
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How do you convert PCM to PWM?

I'm a beginner and I've been developing my own library for a wave player. so far I have the SD card installed and OLED and rotary encoder all connected. I've successfully read the wave chunk and it's ...
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Sine wave PWM Arduino Micro

I'm trying to generate a sine wave on my Arduino micro. I used this code. int Pin = 9; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(Pin, INPUT); } void loop() { float something = millis()/10000.0;...
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Testing an oscilloscope with my Arduino

I bought a very old oscilloscope and although it works, I have my doubts about refreshing the screen (the electron beam fades away very slowly or is not showing up consistently across the screen). I ...
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