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Stop VSCode/Arduino add-in from sending reset signal in the event of compile errors

This is more of an annoyance, but if I edit a program with the serial monitor open, click "upload", and the compile fails, the IDE switches to the serial monitor pane, opens the serial port ...
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How can I get the serial monitor in vs code to automatically connect and disconnect when uploading to my arduino?

I am using an Arudino Nano with VS Code and PlatformIO. When developing. I want to streamline the process so that when I press 1 hotkey. It will automatically disconnect the Serial Monitor. Build. ...
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Portenta H7 with Breakout Board, USB A as client and USB-C as Host

Portenta H7 with Breakout Board. I would like to use the USB-A on Breakout Board as a client to send debug messages back to the terminal. USB-C on the H7, I would like to use as a Host for Keyboards ...
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