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Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft.

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Arduino IDE Visual Studio and compile problems blank project .ino hack

I'm new to Arduino and have little programming experience apart from my computer science degree. I used C++ for some projects in my degree but am barely proficient. My first project is relatively ...
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Arduino Uno - Firmata/Serial Communication in Visual Studio C++

I need to pass std::vector <double> values from a C++ console program (written in Visual Studio 2015) running on a PC to Arduino in real-time using USB serial communication. Can anyone of you ...
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Problem in Uploading through Visual Studio

This is my simple program: int led = 13; void setup() { pinMode(led, OUTPUT); /* add setup code here */ } void loop() { digitalWrite(led, HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(led, LOW)...
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How can I get the serial monitor in vs code to automatically connect and disconnect when uploading to my arduino?

I am using an Arudino Nano with VS Code and PlatformIO. When developing. I want to streamline the process so that when I press 1 hotkey. It will automatically disconnect the Serial Monitor. Build. ...
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Adding RTC Library for Arduino Project in Visual Studio

I am working in an Arduino project in visual studio. I need to get and set time to a RTC clock. That's why I am adding a ds3231 header file in my project from GitHub. When I want to build "it's ...
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My arduino gives me several avrdude erros

For school we program an arduino with visual studio and micro visio. Since a few days ago my arduino wont run the code of the arduino. At first it didnt give any errors until i tried to upload a code ...
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Having trouble compiling in VsCode when including arduino libraries. (Win10)

I recently switched over to Visual studio code and away from the arduino IDE though I am a novice at both. When using VSC and the neopixel library and sample code(strandtest) containing animations ...
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Computer freezes while collecting serial data from Arduino Uno

I am an arduino noob. I have been searching for some interesting arduino projects recently and making a game controller using Arduino UNO seemed interesting. So I hooked up two dual-axis joystick ...
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How do I set up bluetooth to wirelessly control servo's connected to an arduino from my PC?

I have been working on a project that includes two servos, one is on X axis the other is Y, the Arduino takes my cursor's X,Y coordinates over a Visual C# program and translates them through the ...
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Is there a equivalent to #define DEBUG 0 declare by VS2017 with VisualMicro (arduino) project?

Especially on ESP32*/8266, when you select debug (debug/release) : as a target, VisualMicro detect it and start the simple debugger (without JTAG). Do you know if when target is debug, is there a #...
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