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User Interface. Use this tag for designing a user experience of your project. This tag is often used with LCDs or with responsiveness, although it can have other uses.

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Is there a Arduino UI library that provides dialog box and button functionality at a minimum?

I have been looking at the Arduino TFT Library and it supports all the bits and pieces for making a simple display, but I am looking for something a little higher level that has primitive dialog box ...
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Is there GUI to flash a sketch with new variables?

I'm dabbling in a project and would like to add a feature, but I need some help from the community. My project returns a response from the wunderground api and lights an led based on the temperature ...
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Using more than 8 digits using the sevseg library

I am using sevseg and i can't get more than 8 digits to work. I really need 15. Does somebody know what I can do to get this? Shown is the original example This is using Gabriel Staples example in ...
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Scroll LCD display connected to an Arduino Uno

I want to make some characters scroll left without affecting the first positions in each row of my LCD 16x2 screen. I have this code inside the loop so far: lcd .clear(); lcd.setCursor(17, 0); for (...
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How should I make a UI for my arduino project?

It's easy enough to attach a display for displaying sensor data, but I'm wondering what the proper way is to have the user change variables using an user interface on the attached 2x16 display. The ...
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How frequently do you need to poll UI buttons before they are perceived as laggy?

Whilst it is possible, and sometimes desirable, to use pin change interrupts to read the state of buttons, it is simpler to poll the state of buttons in loop(). This is a commonly used technique. If ...
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What design patterns can I use to handle user input and display updating?

I've used enough products with embedded microcontrollers and unresponsive UIs to know that it can make or break a product. Even a slight delay or lag between the button presses and the display ...
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