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Simulate pin behaviour based on PulseView recording

I have a bunch of PulseView recordings from an existing device. Currently to verify if my Arduino handles the input properly I always use the real device. However it would be great if I could somehow ...
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Where should unit tests go in the Arduino IDE

I have an Arduino project where the file structure looks like this myProject/ myProject.ino ImportantClass1.hpp ImportantClass1.cpp ImportantClass2.hpp ImportantClass2.cpp ...
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platformio native unit test Arduino.h not found

I'm writing code for a microcontroller project using PlatformIO. I have a couple of classes that I want to write unit tests for. I've not unit tested with pio before so I'm starting with one of the ...
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Mass testing of Arduinos

I am using Arduino for an IoT class (40 students). I have set up a test program to check all sensors and actuators used in the class (we need to recycle for next semester). However, I would also like ...
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How to build and run AUnit tests

I found this example on how to create a project with AUnit tests: According to it and ...
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Where are the Arduino Function Unit Tests kept? I want to submit a fix for a faulty Arduino function

I have coded a fix for a major problem with the Arduino map function (in Arduino.h & arduino/avr/cores/arduino/WMath.cpp). I submitted it as a comment to map function causes huge errors when ...
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Ardutester Millenium I2c Lcd Not Showing Anything!

Hiii Friends...., I am Trying to Build Components tester Using Arduino Specifically Atmega328p Chip . I Downloaded The Ardutester Millenium Code From Here ..
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How compile an Arduino program for a desktop PC

I have an arduino program that only does serial communications with a little bit of math, and I am writing another one to communicate with it on a second arduino. For testing purposes I was hoping I ...
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Is there a test framework for Arduinos?

I'm working on big Arduino project that involves lots proprietary libraries. Ergo, we need test scripts to ensure each library works. Is there a testing framework for Arduino similar to CPPUnit, JUnit,...
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Can I emulate Arduino in a headless CI/CD setup?

6 years ago, there has been a question "How to emulate Arduino on PC". Since then, probably many more Arduino emulators have been introduces. With this question, I would like to narrow the search ...
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Interrupt is activated as soon as I insert a jumper wire into the port

I have written a very simple code to test the interrupt functionality of my Arduino Uno expansion board: const byte buttonPin3 = 3; void setup() { pinMode(buttonPin3, INPUT); attachInterrupt(...
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Can arduino-cli verify sketches?

I'm trying to do some simple unit testing with arduino-cli in a .gitlab-ci file like so variables: DOCKER_HOST: tcp://docker:2375 image: "docker:latest" services: - docker:dind before_script: ...
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SPI: test by connecting MOSI to MISO

Is it possible to test a SPI connection by wiring the MISO directly to the MOSI pin? I'm working on a low-level SPI implementation, and I want to check that the library is basically working. It ...
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How to test if PWM mode is working correcly?

I d'like to test if the PWM mode is working correctly on the pins of my Arduino Board. Do you know a simple schema to do this ?
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Arduino Uno Wifi Module ESP8266 AT Command Test error [closed]

When i Connected Rx>Rx (Rx Of module To Pin 0 Of Arduino) And Tx>Tx ( Tx Of Module To Pin 1 Of Arduino), The AT Command Test shows The Following error With Scrambled Words, but when I Connect Rx>Tx (...
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SD test is taking long answer when it fails

I am working on an Arduino application that logs sensors values into SD files. It is essential that the SD is inserted and working when a test is started, thus I need to check the presence of the SD ...
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How to test Arduino behaviour on Windows? [duplicate]

Hello fellow Arduino enthusiasts, I created an Arduino project for a Mega2560 board in Microsoft Visual Studio. Before loading the code on the board I want to test it on my Windows desktop computer. ...
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Testing Arduino with Visual Studio Community 2013 raise LNK error

I have two projects in my Visual Studio Community 2013 solution. I created a project for Arduino, and create another project for Test. When I run the project tests without adding the Arduino project ...
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How to make universal remote controller?

I am trying to make simple TV remote using Arduino. I got this link from Google for making a remote. Code uploaded perfectly on my device. But all it does is blink a the LED on pin 13. I hope I ...
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Check contents of buffer after serial read

I would like to test the contents of data received over a serial connection. In my loop() I store the data in bffr; and afterwards I would like to test to see if there are some predefined words in it. ...
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How to check my Arduino board is working or dead?

When you have a board in your hand but you don't know is it working or not, how to verify if it's working or dead?
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Can I program for Arduino without having a real board?

I would like to start the development of some basic Arduino projects but I don't own an Arduino board yet. Is there a way I can write my code and emulate/test it using a desktop computer so after my ...
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What is the best way to unit test my code without controller? [duplicate]

I want to unit test my Arduino code. Ideally, I want to execute and test my code without uploading it to the board. What tools or libraries can help me with this? There is an Arduino emulator in ...
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