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Questions tagged [struct]

Refers to a basic data structure (also called record).

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5 votes
2 answers

Using PROGMEM to store array of structs

I am hitting the limits of my arduino's SRAM and found that SRAM usage can be reduced by storing static stuff in flash memory instead of SRAM. My project can (optionally) be built with an included ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Send structure through Serial

Suppose that one defined a data structure and wanted to send it through serial. struct Gyro_data_structure { char command_name[5]; float gyro_X; float gyro_Y; float gyro_Z; }; ...
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1 vote
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Casting a struct member between uint8_t and char, with regard to serial transfer

Im simply trying to pass my payload to another device that has the same architecture and struct. I'm using UART to transfer, and modeling the protocol from EasyTransfer. When I call Serial.print((char*...
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