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Keypad - Speaker - Interference

I am trying to build a system, that plays specific audios (.wav files) from a SD-Card, according to the key combination that has been pressed. I am using: 4x4 Membrane 4 Ohm Speaker MicroSD Card ...
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Connecting RCA audio cables to Arduino

I'm working on a project which needs better audio quality than just a piezo buzzer, so I went out and bought a pair of used cheap speakers for $3. It turns out that they have RCA audio inputs rather ...
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Esplora: Connecting a 2-Wire Speaker to Arduino Esplora

I am currently trying to make a simple game system with my Arduino Esplora, however I have noticed something. The Arduino Esplora has no pins for a 2-pin speaker that I get from a RadioShack store (...
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Transmitting voice via VLC

The project I'm working on: Short-Range Coded Visible Light Communication System. Visible Light Communication (VLC) systems use light to transfer data between transmitter and receiver over short-range ...
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Arduino Mega Speaker can't play music but noise

I'm struggling that my Arduino doesn't play music. Here is my circuit. It proforms normally when I only connect this circuit to Arduino UNO. But when I change the whole circuit to Arduino Mega the ...
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Arduino serial controlled tone generator only working with single digit ints?

I'm writing a small program for my arduino which allows me to send two int values over serial to be interpreted. The first is a frequency Hz value and the second is a a length milsec value. The code ...
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Raspberry pi pico I2S work on byte by byte transfer but not on buffer read writes

I'm using a raspberry pi pico W and testing audio loopback (microphone to speaker in a loop) using INMP441 microphone and MAX98357 amp board. Followed functions from this page https://arduino-pico....
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Speaker & Piezo when beeping both cause CapacitiveSense to sense

I am using this speaker: CUI part number CSS-I4B20-SMT-TR as an alarm on a clock using atmega328 chip and Arduino IDE with the tone function. Works great. I am also using Arduino CapacitiveSensor.h ...
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