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Transistor amplifier to drive speaker using Arduino PWM [closed]

I have been working on a project lately which uses Arduino to play a wav file from SD card. I am using TMRPCM library which made the job very easy. But the problem is that the output sound in the ...
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D1 mini ESP8266 no sound on speaker

I am new to Arduino and microcontrollers, I want to make a tone with my D1 mini and a LSM-50F speaker. But I don't get any output. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Tested it with two D1 mini boards. ...
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Using an Arduino for a Diorama Controller

Kind of new to the whole DIY electronics scene. I'm building a diorama for my son. It will include a length of track, a station, some other buildings, and scenery. It will be HO scale. The ...
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How to loop a specific tone?

I am building a security system, and found the following code #define NOOT_B0 31 #define NOOT_C1 33 #define NOOT_D1 37 #define NOOT_E1 41 #define NOOT_F1 44 #define NOOT_G1 49 #define NOOT_A1 ...
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How to use an Arduino Speaker module with DFPlayer Mini?

I've bought an Arduino speaker module. How should I connect the module, if I want to use it with DFPlayer Mini? The problem is that the speaker module has 3 pins: GND, VCC, and IN; though the DFPlayer ...
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What speaker can you drive with output pin?

I'm wondering how to drive a speaker using an arduino output pin. I am using a pwm playback method with a sound data file. If you wire a speaker across an output pin and ground then how do you ...
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