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Questions tagged [sound]

sound is a vibration that propagates as a typically audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through a transmission medium such as air or water.

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Connecting RCA audio cables to Arduino

I'm working on a project which needs better audio quality than just a piezo buzzer, so I went out and bought a pair of used cheap speakers for $3. It turns out that they have RCA audio inputs rather ...
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LEDs interfering with analog sound detection

My project is a sound reactive LED display on an Arduino Nano. There are 112 WS2811s in series connected to 5v, Gnd and D5 via 220ohm resistor. I have a Keyes style sound detection module that has an ...
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Arduino FFT library - Open Music Labs installation help

I downloaded the zip file of the FFT library from the below link and it now as I implement the example codes, it gives out a message which says "Error ...
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SimpleSDaudio giving a lot of static from speaker

I'm using SimpleSDaudio ( to play wav files. The connections are as follows: MISO pin 12 SCK pin 13 SS pin 4 MOSI pin 11 Speaker ...
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How to generate Analog Signal (Voice) to the microphone

I have question about microphone and generating sound signal. I have microphone in my intercom at home. It is simple analog microphone, not digital. What I want is to connect arduino analog ...
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Using I2S MEMS microphone breakout (SPH0645) as frequency detector

Good day. I would like to ask for help regarding the code for my project. I am using an I2S MEMS microphone breakout (SPH0645) to my Arduino Nano 33 IoT. Here are my pin configurations LRCL to A2 of ...
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Making"1.wav") depend on LDR feedback?

I have the speaker working with the working, but this only plays when the arduino is powered up or reset. Can i make the .wav play in anther other ways? I wan't the file to play when i ...
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PCM library - Timer0

I would need a quick help if possible because I have a project with the deadline tomorrow night. On my Uno (atmega328p in fact), I need to communicate with a SPI flash to transfer music and then, take ...
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Power on, power off voice using fx board

I played with one of those Adafruit FX sound boards in a project a while ago, and see a lot of potential uses for it. I would like to create “something” for my daughter, when she turns the lights on, (...
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Recording and playback sound

I'm working in an art project, is some kind of loop between contact microphones and walkie talkies. I want to create some kind of noisy feedback. I'm putting one walkie-talkie inside of a bottle, and ...
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How to stop the screeching noise that comes from buzzer?

I use sfm-27 dc 3-24v Buzzer. It sounds fine if i close the buzzer using my palm but if i doesn't close it, it will make a screeching noise. I play melody using the buzzer so the sound is important. ...
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