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Use this tag for questions relating to computer software used for interaction with the Arduino. For example, you could use this tag for questions about programming environments, or you could use it for PC/Arduino communication.

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Arduino Robot won't move

I am building a robot for a school project. I use an Arduino Uno, 2 dc motor's and an Ultra Sonic range measurement module. I want the robot to be autonomous, he has to be able to move around on his ...
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Code not checking for updated sensor values after connecting to firebase?

I am using a project with an MQ138 sensor and want to push the real time sensor reads to firebase. Currently, the wifi/firebase part and sensor part work fine separately. The code connects to wifi and ...
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pH code of Arduino SEN0169 refuses to output

Good day everyone! I'm making my research project a hydroponics sensor that collects air and water temperature, humidity, conductivity, and pH, then sends it through a sim900a GSM module. However, ...
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Need debug Software that can be used with Arduino IDE

Background: I have made a standalone Arduino board using Atmega328PB. I have written code for a clock which lights LEDs based on the time. After a day or so it locks up. Sometimes it reboots. I ...
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Arduino not starting after 1.8.10 update

First off sorry if this is the wrong place. Yesterday I updated the Arduino IDE to 1.8.10 and I was able to program a couple of hours. Powering up my laptop today though the IDE is active, I can't ...
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Configuring Timers to Add One More 50kHz Square Wave

I am generating two 50kHz square waves, but I would like to generate three square waves. I have problems with generating the third square wave. Basically, I need to configure the timer bits so that I ...
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Effective Controlling of Continous Servo Motor

I have difficulty in controlling a MG995 continuous motor. For I know I can control the speed of the motor as writing servo1.write(p) , where the value of p changes the speed of the motor. When the ...
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Changing the light state

Can someone give me a solution to the following problem? I have 1 IR remote, blynk app,some pushButtons and also 1 relay module. (I set 1 pin of ATMega as input to be able to read what esp sends when ...
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