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Use this tag for questions relating to computer software used for interaction with the Arduino. For example, you could use this tag for questions about programming environments, or you could use it for PC/Arduino communication.

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Reset an Arduino Uno in code

Is it possible to reset an Arduino (i.e., to reboot it) from code (i.e from the sketch itself)? I know that is possible with a special circuit but is there a chance to make it just with code? Below ...
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Software I2C - sending data

I'm trying to read a voltage in from a power supply to an Arduino Micro, then send it to an oscilloscope through an I2C (MCP4725). I would use the default pins on the Micro but I want to wire three ...
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Programming options other than C++

Can I program my Arduino using any programming language other than C++? If so, which programming languages? What software would I need for compiling and loading my code onto the Arduino?
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Updating the ARDuino code over GPRS

I've been searching a little for self-updating the ARDuino, and most i've come about is updating it using a wifi / lan shield. Now I have a GPRS shield that can connect it to the internet. Say that I ...
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SoftwareSerial Write to return Read in Serial Monitor?

Hoping someone can help me out in my conundrum here... I currently am testing the SoftwareSerial library out to understand how I may use it in my project. I have a wire running from pin 6 to pin 9, ...
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Using Arduino to allow continuous servo to go in the opposite direction

For my project I am using 6 continuous servos connected to an Adafruit Servo Shield. To run them I use pwm.setPWM(0, 0, 1000) and then set a delay to run them for how long i’d like to, then run pwm....
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