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SMS with Uno in 2022

I'm trying to develop a simple sensor-triggered SMS message to mobile service from an Uno as a learning project in North America. I initially thought that it might be wise to purchase a GSM/3G ...
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0 answers

Interfacing IOT- GA6 to Arduino

Good evening guys, Looking for any help on interfacing the above GSM/GPRS module with arduino. Connections: VCC and GND of module- separate power supply, 5v 3A URX to pin 2 UTX to pin 3 Common GND ...
1 vote
1 answer

Sim800L does not send SMS messages in a row

I created a project with sim800l that comes and stores 5 phone numbers in eeprom memory and then when a sensor is triggered, it sms all the numbers and then calls the first one. But the module does ...
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0 answers

How to access Software Serial contents/value and extract some details?

I'm using SoftwareSerial with a SIM808 GSM modulde to detect incoming SMS messages. The problem I'm currently having is that I need to access the phone number from the received SMS so I can send a ...
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0 answers

Problems using SIM808 with Pro Mini

I'm having problems with my setup. I'm trying to create a wind-speed system when you send an SMS to retrieve the correct wind speed as an SMS response. I'm using a pro mini, connected by USB via FTDI, ...