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Use when asking questions on the arduino eclipse plugin named Sloeber available at

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How to add library to Sloeber

Slober has a menu option: Arduino -> Add a library to the selected project HOWEVER, the "Import Arduino libraries" dialog that comes up only shows 18 libraries, and has no obvious way to ...
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Where do class files go in Sloeber Eclipse project?

I'm attempting to create a new Arduino project using Sloeber (Eclipse). Assume it's a newly-created project whose main entry file is ".\ArduinoMainClass.ino" Now... assume I want to create a half ...
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Can the Arduino Eclipse plugin use the libraries installed by the Arduino IDE?

In Arduino Eclipse (v3, nightly build) I have not been able to load 'foreign' libraries, those written by me or someone else, so they are not among the available choices in the include-library dialogs....
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