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SIM808 Doesn't detect SMS if sent while offline

I'm running UNV SIM808 Shield with Arduino Uno using DFRobot_SIM808. The shield has no issues detecting incoming SMS while powered on. I just found out if the shield is off while sending the SMS, it ...
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How to Send GPS Data to Firebase via SIM808 GSM Module

I have an Arduino UNO with SIM808 and I'm trying to send my GPS data to the Firebase. I have successfully get a location from SIM808 via serial. However I found that Arduino only supported HTTP ...
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Code not displaying/working DFRobot SIM808 shield data on Adafruit 1.69" ST7789 rounded screen

I have been having trouble with the code below not display and possibly not working and or looping. Before making changes to my code I had a problem where the Serial monitor would print up to "...
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Getting “Open the GPS power failure” on module SIM808

I tried to get the gps coordinates with this program: #include <DFRobot_sim808.h> #include <SoftwareSerial.h> #define PIN_TX 8 #define PIN_RX 7 SoftwareSerial mySerial(PIN_RX,PIN_TX)...
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sim808 init error when trying to use DFRobot to get gps

I'm using "mega 2650 pro" Arduino with SIM808 BK-808 V-3.1 and I connect the vcc for the sim808 to 5volt pin in the arduino, and the arduino connected with laptop usb. and I add a sim to the ...
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Problems using SIM808 with Pro Mini

I'm having problems with my setup. I'm trying to create a wind-speed system when you send an SMS to retrieve the correct wind speed as an SMS response. I'm using a pro mini, connected by USB via FTDI, ...
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