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Sending one data bit in a time. Used mostly in RS232 context.

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Arduino split comma separated serial stream

I'm trying to read serial data into Arduino. I usually use a Serial to USB cable to connect to the hardware and is sending data like 33,Z,35.0,F,1073741.824,I,0.0,0x68 33,Z,35.0,F,1073741.824,I,0.0,...
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SoftwareSerial data being corrupted - looking for suggestions

I'm having problems running a serial communication between a NodeMCU ESP8266 and an Arduino Uno. I'm using the "standard" SUART setup, i.e. pins D1&D2 on the ESP are hooked up with GPIOs 2&3 ...
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Read serial with header and end marker

I am trying to use Topway display for HMI lcd with Arduino. This display using RS232C protocol at docs it has a "Communication Packet Structure" like this. So my query should start with AA ...
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Arduino Bluetooth communication is slowing down because of the 'for' loop!

I'm sending data to Arduino through the mobile app. So far, all the code has been running consistently. #include <SoftwareSerial.h> #define FASTLED_INTERNAL #include <FastLED.h> #define ...
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How do I import data from serial monitor to excel document without copying and pasting? [closed]

I need to be able to import incoming data from a motion sensor and then from the serial monitor (where the data is) import the data to an excel document or file. Any suggestions would help, Thanks.
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SoftwareSerial and HardwareSerial lost data

I need two Serial ports. One port is some sort of modified Software Serial, where I have to be listening constantly and send responses immediately if the port requires it. There is no XY problem ...
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