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Functions delaying gesture sensor recognition

I am working on a simple little robot to cure my boredom and all it has is a 64 x 32 OLED for the eyes, and a PAJ7620 Gesture recognition sensor with a Seeeduino Xiao as the main board. Basically, ...
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BLE disconnect during code "pause"

I have a code that should pause the script for a specific time (x_time). if x_time is above 30-40 sec the BLE connection to the android phone is lost. Any suggestions on how to avoid the lost ...
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Need help with debugging a heartrate/filter code (the heart rate calculation does not work)

The code below is a program that aims to apply the Pans-Thompskin algorithm to a signal attained from a ECG filter. The filter seems to work alright but it fails to blink the LED and collect a correct ...
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Seeeduino XIAO read PWM duration (period) using timers change Pins freom D2 to D1

I designed a circuitboard and need to proof the function.Therefore i have to modify the code to read from Pins D1 instead of D2. Unfourtunatly i am not that familar with the high level programming so ...
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passive buzzer is drawing 500mA

I am having a ridiculously hard time trying to make a passive buzzer work correctly on my Seeeduino XIAO. Here is the buzzer module : Here is how I believe it works, assuming the SOT23 smd is a PNP ...
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How do I solve the sensor’s abysmal abnormal output?

Problem description When XIAO microcontroller is connected to the sensor signal output pin, keep printing unexpected values. Sketch I haven't sensor circuit diagram, you can machine translate and ...
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Seeeduino XIAO write and read PWM duration (period) using timers

I am trying to communicate between two Seeeduino XIAO (chip: ATSAMD21G18A-MU) by way of TCC capture using register timers. Square wave pulse duration varies from 200ns to 4us. I found these two code ...
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Is a PWM phase duration set with OCR1A a reliable way to communicate values to other Arduinos?

I am working on communicating 4 switch states across multiple Arduinos using only one pin. It must be as fast as conceivably possible. Currently I have a master Arduino reading all 4 switches (...
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