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Questions tagged [sd.h]

Questions about the Arduino SD library used for accessing SDCards.

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Returning to parent directory with the SD library

I have a File variable called dir and i'm building a simple file explorer for my device. Is there a way to get a reference to dir's parent directory?
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Arduino SD card module failure

I am recieving SD card failuer and I did everything I could. I use the correct SPI pins; CS > 10 MOSI > 11 MISO > 12 SCK > 13 VCC > 5v GND > GND I did format my SD card to FAT32 I ...
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Edit JSON File on SD Card

I am currently Working on a project, where I save values in a JSON File on an SD Card. The JSON looks something like this: { "ID1":{[[starttime, endtime], [starttime, endtime], [....
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ESP32 doesnt save every string to SD Card

My code initializes, the header (the ID; Value string) for the .csv file gets saved, but the dataString which is the most important part doesnt save to the .csv file. I get an arraypointer to the ...
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SD card creating "extra" file?

So, maybe I'm too tired to see the obvious issue here, but my SD card script is causing a "blank" file to be created, then a secondary file to be correctly created. I'm trying to store data logs, and ...
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Esp8266 SD card read from inside of class

This is now my 3rd attempt at being able to read this sd card from within the Esp8266webserver. I have made a class WebServer, and would like my sd card to contain my site. What throws me off, is I am ...
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