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Is there a good reference for Arduino Due memory architecture and usage?

It's been harder than I expected to find a reference source or usage guide. There's a number of sources I've looked at along the road to this question: The Due is listed here and here as having 512KB ...
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Why NVIC_EnableIRQ handler function only run once?

I have a code that spit out random number when the ISR register is ready: #define TRNG_KEY 0x524E47 uint8_t lut[10] = {0xF6, 0x12, 0xAE, 0xEC, 0xD8, 0x7C, 0x7E, 0xE0, 0xFE, 0xFC}; uint32_t msk = ...
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SAM3X8E Maximum Serial Speed

Does somebody know which is the maximum serial speed one can achieve by using the Microchip SAM3X8E microprocessor with Serial Communication between other uC with a RS485 module? The Arduino Due ...
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Arduino Due: Measuring the time between pulses

I have a 'pulse train' generated from a photo interrupter and slotted disc mounted on a rotating shaft. My goal is to measure the time between each rising edge. I have looked at the data sheet for ...
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No Device Found On Bare-bones SAM3X Chip

0 I've been trying to make my own board with a SAM3X and W5500 (Arduino Ethernet Shield) on it with those two chips connected via SPI. From the Arduino Due Board, most of the stuff, we don't need. ...
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Arduino Due as Triggered DMA SPI Slave is possible?

Is it possible for arduino Due to act as DMA-SPI-slave device which can exchange SPI data (uint16_t TX[10] and RX[10]) in triggered slave mode? I have a setup in which time period is very short (~...
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PROGMEM on Arduino Due (ARM Cortex M3)

I've been working with the PROGMEM function on my Arduino Uno and I'm thinking about changing to the bigger Arduino Due which is based on a ARM Cortex M3 processor instead of the AVR processor on the ...
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while(1) loop blocks program to enter interrupt

I want to build a program in C that enables / disables a passive matrix display. But my problem occurs before I can even implement one function of this display. I have a simple switch connected to ...
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Arduino Due: ADC gain adjustment problem

I want to increase gain of the ADC channel. To achieve this I'm using adc_set_channel_input_gain function from adc.h. Here is the entire sketch: const byte aPin = A6; void setup() { ...
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Arduino Due SAM3X ADC programmable input offset not working

In the datasheet of the SAM3X8E in Section 43.6.9 Page 1327 it clearly states that the SAM3X/A has a programmable offset for ADC input in Single-Ended mode and I believe that the Atmel ASF library ...
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