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Questions tagged [pulsein]

refers to the function pulseIn().

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Arduino Record pulseIn

I am currently working on a project which requires me to record IR signals. (I realize there is a library available for doing this but I want to learn how to do this myself). I tried using a simple ...
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Arduino 33 Nano BLE Sense not compatible with pulseIn()?

Preface Currently, I'm making an application on a Arduino 33 Nano BLE Sense. I'm trying to measure the current humidity and send it via BLE to another device. The target is to send a precise value ...
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pulseIn on ESP32 return 0 regularly

I'm using pulseIn on an ESP32 for measuring a frequency between 500 Hz and 10 KHz. I measure both the HIGH and the LOW time, as all simple examples suggest. 95% of the time the result is correct, but ...
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