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Use this tag when you are looking for feedback, suggestions, improvements or alternatives to a specific aspect of your working project. This tag should not be used for early design questions; also see the tag [system-design].

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How to use Arduino to control motor position based on force sensor feedback for object grasping? [closed]

I'm working on a robotic gripper using capacitive touch sensors and servo motors to register a force and move the motors based off the force registered. The idea is that it will not keep closing the ...
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Integration of MAX30100 and DS18B20 Thermal Probe Integration

This is for my final year project that I have been tasked with designing a patient monitoring system. However, during the last stretch of model prototyping, I am experiencing issues with my MAX30100 ...
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Is it possible to overload the digital pins for an Arduino?

I worked on an Arduino project for school that was a self-driving security robot that also acted as a smart home system. It was essentially a self-driving Roomba-like car that included several LED's(...
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analogRead Function AC Voltage Reading Capabilities

Usually when you sense AC voltage, you get a sinusoidal waveform. However, for AC voltage sources, Arduino analogRead ( ) only presents positive voltage values. So what's basically happening? Is it ...
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Is it possible to convert RCA(video only) to Arduino Uno then to a computer?

I have an old wireless RCA output camera. I was wondering if I can convert its analog input to a digital one and have it saved on a file in my laptop?
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Convert my if loop code into a switch/case statement

I have made a project where in photosensors constantly read value and if laser is cut by external object, then it beeps the buzzer. A switch case would make it easy, as suggested by some people. I ...
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What would be a good way to identify items spending as little as possible?

I'm a software developer for quite some time and now I'm going to start developing for Arduino. My question is related to technology I can use. It's also my first time posting here, so if this site is ...
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Help with school project (Arduino GSM and Thermal printer) [closed]

I'm with some friends from my school and we have started to do a project where we send an SMS text message to our Arduino UNO (with GSM module), which then print the text message on a thermal printer(...
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Basic Serial Transmission Protocol

I have a small piece of code here that I hope to run on Arduino. Basically what this code is doing is, it takes a nibble from the user, appends a startbit to it, and transmits the code through a ...
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Read an analog signal without changing it? Or should I start over?

Hi! I'm still working on my kettle project. I want to obtain the kettle temp from the existing thermometer. I'm able to do this, but much like trying to look at an electron my circuits all reduce the ...
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How does the Space Replay record audio?

The Space Replay A hovering object that explores and manipulates transitional public spaces with particular acoustic properties. By constantly recording and replaying these ambient sounds, the ...
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