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Triple-click reset option to erase existing program

My Adafruit Feather M0 has two reset options I know of: single click restarts existing program double-click listens for an upload for a few seconds, then restarts existing program Is there another ...
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Help a noob, no idea on Programming, only started 2 days ago Help please

As said no programming skills only started 2 days ago when Nano arrived. Heads in bits. This is how far i got. Any help much appreciated.. int EMagnetPin = 8; int solenoidPin = 9; int ReedPin = 13; ...
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How to program Esp8266 remotly via wifi?

I hope it's not a sci-fi for arduino. But I saw that dual system with two MCU can program each other via radio connection. It has been done in experimental space cube projects. It is theoretically ...
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help explain pulseIn function with arduino and Ultrasonic sensor

dears Engineers.. i got stuck with this issue couldn't understand.. please help with explanations. first i was upset of my ultrasonic sensor reading deviations, that is i examine my sensor indoor and ...
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Port manipulation: Coding for two chips

I am using Arduino Nano to test a code that will be ported on an ATTiny chip, which will need to perform operations at a frequency near clock maximum, calling for a very succinct coding. My goal: to ...
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Using millis() to create a timed sequence of events

I was hoping anyone could help me with my problem. I am trying to play a sequence of tones without using delay. So I am relying on millis(). However I have not been successful yet and after reading ...
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how to apply a timer to an analogWrite command for Arduino

I have 2 sketches that control a fan using Arduino UNO, that I try to combine. The 1st is a timer, that turns a pin ON and OFF for a determined period of time. The pin signal drives a MOSFET that in ...
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Using two leds with one push button [closed]

How can I make the code of this project where I will press one time a button, to turn on the first led (and turn off second led) and when other one press to turn on second led (and turn off the first ...
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Divide two integers resulting into a float

Suppose I want to divide two integer variables and put the result into a float. In order to prevent integer division do I have to program like this: int i = 6312; int j = 258; float f; ...
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