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Questions tagged [progmem]

PROGMEM is a keyword used when declaring a variable that keeps the data in flash instead of copying it into SRAM. It is part of the `pgmspace.h` library. Use this tag for discussions about using this attribute.

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Strange things happening with Arduino PROGMEM

I am currently working on a display library. The font should be stored in PROGMEM. The code looks something like this: unsigned int i = 0; Serial.println(pgm_read_byte(&font[1]),HEX); unsigned ...
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Writing objects to PROGMEM

A few days ago I encountered memory problems (SRAM shortage) on my Arduino. I've read a lot and fixed the problem, now I have around 900 bytes free in SRAM. However, I still have difficulties ...
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Using a 48 characters char[] for PROGMEM

I am trying to create a charliplexed display of 6x8 LEDS using a Arduino Nano with the ATMega328p chip. Because of the limited storage I am trying to use PROGMEM. I did my research and found some ...
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Can I use [[__progmem__]] instead of PROGMEM?

In pgmspace.h, PROGMEM is defined as __ATTR_PROGMEM__, which is defined as __attribute__((__progmem__)). AFAIK, __attribute__ is GNU only. Since C++ 11, we have the attribute specifier sequence. I can'...
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