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A programming language and an IDE based on Java, but with simplified syntax and graphics programming model.

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Sending serial data to Processing

I have a question about using the Arduino and Processing. I want to build a touch sensor using aluminum foil and connect it to an interface built in Processing. However i've come across a problem. I ...
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How to convert a String number Into a int value?

I want to convert a string into a int value. in my real code, I receive a string "Slider 255" the number after slider changes from 0 to 255, so I want a int value to be equal to that number. This is a ...
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Need a simple accelerometer visualization example!

I'm doing a project using the ADXL335 accelerometer from SparkFun. The actual project I'm using P5 and it's working great. I'm running workshops in parallel and want to demo the chip in real-time but ...
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General Question about fast Serial Communication and Arduino

I'm looking for a fast (and safe, in terms of stability) way to send sensor data from an Arduino UnoR3 in real time to a Computer (in my case a MacBook Pro) with a sample rate of at least 1kHz. I ...
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How to prevent file overwriting in processing?

i am working on this arduino project using processing. There are some sensor values which should be logged, but unfortunately my processing code rewrites the file after each cycle so that i get the ...
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Saving Arduino output to a text file in append mode [closed]

I used the code below to save output from an Arduino Uno to a text file. The problem is whenever I run the code the old data in the text file is deleted. I don't want the old data to be deleted, ...
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