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A programming language and an IDE based on Java, but with simplified syntax and graphics programming model.

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Arduino filling serial buffer with nulls

I just wrote some code that just sends a string from Arduino to Processing. Processing prints the string and displays the number of characters in the buffer... After uploading the sketch to the ...
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HC-05 bluetooth module stops working when blinking

I'm using this HC-05 Bluetooth module to communicate between my Arduino mega 2560 and my laptop. I am using processing to send the data from my computer to the Arduino. The module connects nicely and ...
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Arduino -> Processing conversion: creating mux channels

As the title alludes to, I'm in the process of converting an Arduino sketch to a Processing sketch. So far, mostly pretty straightforward. I'm running into an issue with creating an array of ints for ...
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Multi Agent Systems

In my project work, I have 3 robots with their own Arduino boards. Each robot has Infra Red Sensors, whose values I can read using its corresponding Arduino. The main thing however is that each robot ...
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Getting NaN error in Processing when Xbee is used and trying to create a popup window.

I am trying to get data from D6T Omron thermal sensor. It works fine with both Arduino and Processing when I connect it to pc directly. However, it seems to always cannot read my last data in my data ...
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Arduino Uno to Processing, using Serial

So I have 7 different sensor I’d like to send to Processing, then use each of their values as variables inside different webcam filters. I’m going off of this tutorial which has been helpful, but it ...
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Arduino and Processing- Conditionals only executing sometimes in response to IR codes

I am reasonably new to arduino and even newer to Processing so still struggle with trouble shooting my code. The intention of my sketch is have Processing receive IR codes from the arduino and ...
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How to find the time of any point on the graph on an Arduino serial plotter or Processing software?

I am plotting the graph of some sensor values on my Arduino serial plotter which looks something like this - But what I want to do is hover over any point on the graph and display the time at that ...
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Need a simple accelerometer visualization example!

I'm doing a project using the ADXL335 accelerometer from SparkFun. The actual project I'm using P5 and it's working great. I'm running workshops in parallel and want to demo the chip in real-time but ...
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