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A programming language and an IDE based on Java, but with simplified syntax and graphics programming model.

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How to convert a String number Into a int value?

I want to convert a string into a int value. in my real code, I receive a string "Slider 255" the number after slider changes from 0 to 255, so I want a int value to be equal to that number. This is a ...
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Interface with mux-controlled LED rope

I'm working on using a GUI in Processing to control some LED rope from Adafruit, and using this multiplexer. I've gotten the following Arduino code working the way I want to cycle through the various ...
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Writing and reading multiple values through serial

I am currently busy with a project that requires me to use an Arduino and 3 potentiometers (to change background in RGB format) to write values through the serial port and read and separate them in ...
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Sampling and serial transfer

I am trying to get a sampling rate of over 10k Samples per second as well as send each sample over a serial line. Taking a sample and putting it on the serial line each time took too long. I am using ...
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pushing accelerometer data in packets from an arduino due to the pc and unto processing

I'm quite a newbie to this and I've been struggling for sometime now with my school project, trying to find a way to send accelerometer data from my MMA7361 in data packets, I understand that I have ...
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