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Questions tagged [pointer]

A variable in C/C++ which stores the type and location of data in memory.

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Program crashes when calling external library code via function pointer

I've written a user library for the Pi Pico that uses the TaskScheduler library to abstract timing away from the user. The user provides a function in their sketch which the library calls periodically ...
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Using pointer to a Global function

I am trying to store and use a pointer to a global function. The function global_f returns a String and takes an object as parameter: String global_f(Request r){ // ... return "This is it"; } ...
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Storing an array of objects

I followed the instructions of this post: Storing an array of function pointers. To show my problem I shorted my code extremely but the problem is still there. My classes are defined as followes: ...
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Overwrite image buffer (inside Adafruit SSD1306)

I'd like to add a method that replaces the entire image buffer into the Adafruit_SSD1306 library. I haven't worked with dynamic memory handling for ages and I'm not sure how to just simply overwrite ...
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No known conversion for argument 1 from 'Object*' to 'int*'

I'm terrible with pointers and need help passing an object to a library I'm writing. I'm getting the error no known conversion for argument 1 from 'LCDMenuItem*' to 'int*' when I try to compile. How ...
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Losing value of variable

I am making a project involving the AutoConnect, ArduinoJSOn and LedControl libraries to fetch some values from an endpoint. Basically what I do is connect to the internet, fetch the values from a ...
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Multiple Serial Ports Stream Switch

I am trying to define multiple serial ports (multiple BMS management boards) and select via a global variable the port which one is active, this is the sketch I am trying to modify. https://github....
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