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Sketch halts if button is pressed on boot

I have a KY-040 rotary encoder with a push button wired to an ESP8266. My objective is to be able to detect if the button is pressed or not on boot. In the below code, if I hold the button down and ...
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Setting pinmode() in header file

I am trying to have a header file to handle all my pin definitions and pinmodes. This is the header: #ifndef __HEADER_TESTER__ #define __HEADER_TESTER__ #include <SoftwareSerial.h> const byte ...
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Use same pin for two purposes

I have only one pin available and I'd need to use it both for a digitalRead and for sending serial messages (assigning it the Tx role within a SoftwareSerial). I can alternate these two operations, ...
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Safe to solder a slide switch to unused GPIO pins?

I have a Digispark Rev.3 Kickstarter with ATTiny85 (see pinout below) and a three pin slide switch (see example below). I want to use the slide switch to control a task running on the Digispark, with ...
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Arduino as Multiplexer

This is a kind of an experiment, I just have a question on how Arduino ports work. Consider this sample: there is this target device that I'm trying to control with Arduino. The device uses a typical ...
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Can pin mode damage Arduino with connected electronics?

I am not that experienced with electronics, so this might be a silly question. But I dont know. Assume that I have connected some electronic circuit (transistors, leds, anything else) to the Arduino ...
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Accessing Physical Pins in Arduino Due from Arduino IDE

It is possible to access the Physical Pin 93, Pin PC11 on ATSAM3X8E in Arduino Due from the Arduino IDE? I am programming a Barebone ATSAM3X8E, and it do not seems to be allocated by Arduino Due nor ...
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Is it possible for the Arduino's digital pin mode to flip from OUTPUT to INPUT unexpectedly?

I have an Arduino project (data logger intended to sample 100 samples per second for months) with firmware that is too long to post. It mostly works as supposed to, but I have a confusing issue I can'...
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