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Questions tagged [piezo]

refers to the prefix of Piezoelectricity.

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1.7 MHz generator for a water atomizer

I'm creating a controller for a small greenhouse, I have a DHT22 for measuring and two relay module that controls heating and cooling systems, and I will use a piezo to produce humidity when it goes ...
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Piezo sensor requires parallel or pull-down resistor?

Apologies but I didn't happen to find ultimate answer to this. I'm trying to make a simple piezo sensor ( which triggers something (e.g. a sound or lights up a ...
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Arduino IDE on Attiny45: What kind of power does a chip need?

I have this little AtTiny45 which I'm loading a program with Arduino as ISP. My goal to use this chip along with a op amp, a piezo buzzer and a press button, and have it automatically sleep between ...
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Shall an active piezo buzzer module draw as much as 10mA on its signal pin?

I have connected an active piezo buzzer to my arduino: KY-012 Active buzzer module. I was a bit surprised that it drew like ~10mA on the signal pin from my nodemcu, which I find a bit weird, since ...
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my button won't work, why?

I have been trying to get the button to work properly for over a day, but it just won't, can you help me. The lcd display is for another part of this project, not important at the moment, but I can't ...
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Speaker & Piezo when beeping both cause CapacitiveSense to sense

I am using this speaker: CUI part number CSS-I4B20-SMT-TR as an alarm on a clock using atmega328 chip and Arduino IDE with the tone function. Works great. I am also using Arduino CapacitiveSensor.h ...
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How to stop the screeching noise that comes from buzzer?

I use sfm-27 dc 3-24v Buzzer. It sounds fine if i close the buzzer using my palm but if i doesn't close it, it will make a screeching noise. I play melody using the buzzer so the sound is important. ...
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