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Exception 29 when trying to display NTP time on an LED

I'm currently working with a "WEMOS D1 R2 & mini" and am trying to call the time from an NTP server and display it onto an OLED display. I've been stuck on an error code that I can't ...
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Error using `NtpClientLib.h`

Since Core of ESP8266 upgraded to v.3.0 (now it is 3.0.2), I encounter errors using this library. First, the deprecation of byte to uint8 (hoped that an upgrade of NTP lib to 3.0.2 beta will solve it )...
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How to attempt connection to WiFi only once?

I am working on a garden timer project, I connect to WiFi once and if its successful show time from NTPClient or else show time from RTC. I have been done the above, and it works in the sense that if ...
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