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Arduino Atmega32U with nRF51 BLE by Adafruit limited to 5 second update rate?

Would like to ask for assistance with the code below. It's the Adafruit Bluefruit Atmega32U LE module with Adafruit's Arduino IDE example "heart-rate monitor" sketch. The code uses the hardware SPI ...
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Debugging a Nordic MCU (feather NRF52) using Segger J-Link

I have an Afafruit NRF52 board with SD 132 and 5.1 dual fw bootloader. I implemented RTT logging and controlling (input) and the code is compiled using arduinoBuilder with RTT and debug level 3. The ...
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Arduino development vs nRF51 development

Originally I had an idea to develop an Arduino-compatible project using an ATmega328P, some sensors and the nRF51822 as the BLE radio. As I progressed, I realized that if I relaxed the Arduino-...
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Having issue using Arduino IRQ handler in nRF51822

Could anyone please help me as I currently using nRF51822-Arduino library with a nRF51822 chip and I couldn't call the interrupt function, wakeUp(). Currently I connect the external interrupt pin to ...
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How to send and receive hex or binary numbers via BLE UART?

I am trying to send hex or binary numbers through BLE UART, but it is taking only char value which is converted into ASCII value. I am using Adafruit's Bluefruit micro device and Bluefruit LE apps. ...
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