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The WS2812 Integrated Light Source from Adafruit.

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Is it possible to infer the length of a neopixel string using 1-wire protocol?

I'have been looking at the AdaFruit NeoPixels recently and am trying to understand how the addressing scheme works. All of the examples I've seen explicitly identify the length of the string (number ...
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Arduino and WS2812 RGB LED Strip "freezing"

I have been working on a project as a gift for my girlfriend for Christmas which involves some a bunch of standard "white" LEDs controlled by shift registers and darlington arrays, and also some RGB ...
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(Neopixels) How to keep the pixels of the same colour despite increasing brightness?

I've been doing a fade function for the NeoPixels. However, the moment I have maximum brightness for the pixels, I noticed there 2 colours even though in my function I have only specified one colour. ...
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Restart sequence of NeoPixel stick with a push button at any time

I am really happy with my new Arduino stuff and playing around with all those pixels :). I am new to programming and it's difficult to understand it, but with every success, I grow in knowledge. My ...
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