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Questions tagged [mosfet]

A type of field-effect transistor. Use this tag for discussing MOSFET circuits.

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DFPlayer Mini does not boot reliably after being powered down

For a low power project, I need to power up the DFPlayer Mini module, let it say something, and power it down again using an Arduino Nano (w/o power regulator and LEDs). In the idle time, the Arduino ...
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Switch on/off LED 24V using a MOSFET

I try to switch on/off IKEA Ledberg LEDs which are powered with 24 V using the setup from this tutorial video: I use a IRLB8721PBF MOSFET. When I switch ...
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ATMega328 not able to fully switch coreless motor on

I'm having trouble regarding motor control in a project I'm working on. It uses an ATMega328 DIP package on a PCB. The motors I'm using are small coreless motors and I'm trying to control them using ...
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PWM and attachInterrupts issues

I'm trying to control the speed of a DC current motor with PWM. I use an arduino UNO to send PWM signal to a mosfet Velleman vma411 to change the average tension of a my motor which is wired to ...
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PID cooler temperature control

Hello Hello I am making a controller of a small cooler (dry ice) PID but Im not sure if I am using the indicated mosfet Im trying with a NPN 222a and my second option is IRFZ44 Which would be the best ...
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Need help with idea before I buy parts. Want to use arduino to act as the button on a TRRS wire to answer and hang up calls

I intend to buy CH340G USB Microcontroller Board Arduino UNO R3 ATmega328P Development Module I want to use it and a MOSFET or whatever needed to act as a button for a TRRS wire I already have home ...
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Switching 4.2V circuit with 3.3V Arduino GPIO

I am trying to learn about MOSFETs and see this p channel MOSFET and this tutorial. I am trying to use a 3.3V arduino GPIO pin to control a load that is powered from a 4.2V battery in much the same ...
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Mosfet controlled motor runs while LOW

I am using a mosfet (IRFZ44N) to control a dc motor, and a separate one to control a led strip. Both are using the same circuit running to different pwm pins on the arduino. The light strip is working ...
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Wemos mini pro switch power from servo with mosfet bs170

I got a servo connected to a wemos/arduino with a capacitor(470uf). Before I didn`t use a cap. Now with the cap the device use to much power while sleeping(capacitor on the servo). I want to switch ...
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Issues with analog microphone readings

I'm having issues with sampling audio with a microphone and NodeMCU v3. I realize this is the Arduino section so if NodeMCU running the Arduino IDE is not meant for this forum, let me know. The ...
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why the p-mos is acting as a constant switch when the source is connect to any port in the circuit iam not able find the solution ?i

if my circuit has mistake please refer me the proper image. #define pwm 6 void setup() { // initialize serial communication at 9600 bits per second: pinMode(6,OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); } // ...
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