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Questions tagged [mkrzero]

The Arduino MKRZero is a learning and development board which contains the ATMEL SAMD21 micro controller, designed to integrate the core's low power-consumption and high performance with the Arduino's ease-of-use. The MKRZero brings the Arduino Zero functionalities in the smaller form factor established by the Arduino MKR1000.

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How to extract hex file from working MKR Zero

I have an Arduino MKR Zero which has working code on it, but I've lost the source. Is there a way that I can download the hex file from it, and then how can I upload it to a second so that I then have ...
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Arduino MKRZero "This device cannot start" (Code 10), and Keyboard.h

I have bought my brand new Arduino MKRZero to emulate a keyboard. When I plug it in, I get the following on COM6, which is listed as "Arduino MKRZero". "This device cannot start" (...
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Can't access SD card when running timestamps.ino from sdfat.h lib on arduino MKRZero

Im trying to run Timestamps.ino (an example sketch) from the sdfat.h lib into a mkrzero arduino. This is the code I am running: /* * This program tests the dateTimeCallback() function * and the ...
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Playing stereo sound using AudioOutI2S and Splitting channels correctly

I have an Arduino MKR Zero with an UDA1334 I2S module, alongside 2 Speakers and I am trying to play Stereo sound. So far everything seems to work well, connections are also properly done, and i can ...
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Arduino stopped showing up in /dev and dmesg without response [duplicate]

Arduino suddenly stopped being recognized. It is not listed in /dev and dmesg -w shows no activity at all when un/plugged. I'm on Fedora 33. The Arduino is MKR-Zero. The cable is ok - other devices ...
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Linking the Arduino Bootloader In Atmel Studio

I have been trying to get the Arduino bootloader to compile into my firmware binary in Atmel Studio. I got the bootloader project to link and compile. I use ArduinoCore and the bootloader as a ...
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MKR ZERO is not detected in IDE / MKR ZERO not showing up in windows 8.1/ [duplicate]

I m connect it with my IDE software and its work perfectly yesterday, but today morning I'm connected it to software to upload another sketch but its didn't detect the port and the charge led is not ...
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Complier overwrote bootloader doing a non-programmer upload

Got this when uploading (no programmer) to a MkrZero. I had downloaded the board's toolset via the IDE earlier, and uploading smaller sketches worked fine. On a larger, more complex project, got ...
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MKR Zero not showing up in WIN10 device manager / Arduino IDE cannot detect port / COM

I'm new to Arduino and hope you guys can give some advise. I bought MKR Zero a few days before and tried to connect to my Win10 laptop. I can see the LED on the board is on, but the Arduino IDE ...
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I2C Hangs (sometimes) when Wire->endTransmission() is called

Architecture MKRZero BME280 Atmospheric Sensor SSD1306 128x64 OLED Screen SparkFun GPS: device: arduino library:
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Powering a MKR with regulated 3.3v

I've a low power consumption regulator to get 3.3V from two 1.5V batteries. I'm going to use it for powering an arduino MKR (MKRFOX1200), so my question is where I should connect it, to the battery ...
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Arduino MKRZero malfunctioned after trying to load a program

I have an Arduino MKRZero that I tried to load the following program into: #include <FastLED.h> #define NUM_LEDS 60 #define ledPin 4; AudioFrequencyMeter meter; CRGB leds[NUM_LEDS]; void ...
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