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Questions tagged [millis]

Is a standard library function. It returns the number of milliseconds since the Arduino board began running the current program.

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0 answers

Millis() is Not Working

I have a sketch that uses two timers using millis() from a library I created to keep time. The timers seem to be working correctly, but when I print the start time of each timer, it is clearly wrong. ...
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Start LED blink at certain millis() value

I was looking at the blink without delay sketch and I was trying to modify it so the LED would start blinking after 1000 ms. I changed the previousMillis variable to 1000, but the program didn't ...
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how to control 2 sensor and 3 relay with fuzzy

i'm using fuzzy to decide how long the relay on pump on and i got some trouble for it he just looping on relay how should i do thats my code //---------Fuzzy 2.1 prelauch---------- //-----iNPUT ...
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Run a dc motor for amount of time without delay

Hi everyone I have a project and I need to run a dc motor for amount of time without using delay I use DelayWithoutBlink technique. In this code the motor should run for 5 second in cw then it will ...
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Stepper wait for X seconds in a loop with millis (not delay)

In the code below I would like the stepper to bounce back and forward between two limit switches and while it is doing this it should turn and than wait for e.g. 1 second. I thought I could achieve ...
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3 input (on/off/off with delay) to control 1device using ESP8266 as Web Server

I want to control one device in three ways : turn on / turn off / turn off with delay. To do that i use an ESP8266 web server + android phone app. The problem is that turn off with delay wont work. It ...
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ESP32 millis not working properly

I have a program which measures temperatures every 30 minutes and sends them to a database. Immediately after running the program the first measurement is sent, however, the second (which should be ...
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How to use millis instead of delay on Arduino for independent time intervals for two output pins

I wanted to use millis for the code below but stuck in between . can anyone help to change the given code to millis? Code here: void set(){ digitalWrite(on, HIGH); // turn the motor on (...
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Using mills() in place of delay() on relays not getting solid switch over

I know I should post some code that maybe cleaner but really I am just in need of a answer to a problem I seem to run into a lot when using mills() in place of delay(), whilst making a Christmas light ...
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