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Why do I see error in this code

NewPing sonar(TRIG_PIN, ECHO_PIN, MAX_DISTANCE); AF_DCMotor motor1(1, MOTOR12_1KHZ); AF_DCMotor motor2(2, MOTOR12_1KHZ); AF_DCMotor motor3(3, MOTOR34_1KHZ); AF_DCMotor motor4(4, MOTOR34_1KHZ); ...
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Servo or motor with manual control [closed]

I am searching for a servo or motor with the ability to easy manually controlling (turning) when power off. What is the mechanism recommend to use? Thank you for your answer.
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Doubt in choosing the right DC motor?

Take this motor as an example - it has torque of I know all the calculation to find the payload of dc motor from here -...
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Precise rotation (steering direction to a given angle) on obstacle avoidance robot

Forgive my lack of knowledge of some robotic related terms, but the way my two wheel drive robot steers is simply by having each wheel move at different speeds; for left, for example, the left wheel ...
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Are there fixed connectors for gpio?

Curently I am using these connectors for my prototype: Ebay link However, I need something more reliable so I can deliver the prototype to a user without to risk that the cables fall out of their ...
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Breadboard for kids

I am interested in teaching young kids how to build arduino projects. I was thinking that using a breadboard may be difficult for them, as the holes are all very close together. It is easy to put the ...
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Is there an equivalent to Grbl for Excellon PCB drilling?

For CNC milling we have code such as Grbl Controller in the PC, and Grbl itself in an Arduino, and these handle the appropriate G-code files. Is there an equivalent package to handle Excellon files ...
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Mechanical requirements for Arduino compatibility

If I want to design an Arduino-compatible board I guess I'll have to use the same outline, and connector positions to fit existing enclosures. (Beats me why they didn't choose a simple rectangular ...
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