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Arduino Nano BLE 33 default example sketch `USBHID>Keyboard` makes the Arduino unusable

How the problem started I was playing around with using the Arduino Nano BLE 33 as a keyboard, and stumbled upon the USBHID>Keyboard sketch which I got via the default suggestion from the Board ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Micromod nrf52840 sniffer

Can I use the Micromod nrf52840 processor module, Micromod ATP carrier, with Nano 33 type bootloader and modify the ArduinoBLE library or modify the MBED OS abstraction layer and make a promiscuous ...
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1 answer

i2c slave write to ARM powered device master

I want to communicate to an ARM microprocessor via I2C protocol (Multitech mDot, which uses Mbed platform). I successfully receive data from it (and got it displayed on Arduino's serial monitor), but ...
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What are the main differences between Arduino and mbed?

I have been working a lot with the Arduino platform over the last year. Arduino makes it very easy for beginners (in my opinion) to get started and has a large community and a lot of libraries for all ...
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