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Questions tagged [max232]

An IC that converts signals from an RS-232 serial port to signals suitable for use in TTL compatible digital logic circuits.

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Communication between two ESP32, USART vs RS232 with MAX3232

I have two ESP32 that are communicating via USART (TTL) on the Serial2. The TX2 pin of ESP_Alice is connected with the RX2 pin of ESP_bob. The RX2 pin of ESP_Alice is connected with the TX2 pin of ...
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Serial communication detect

guys. I am workin on a project. I have two channel for Serial RS232 communication. Main and Stand-By channel. If Main channel has some problem and, cannot communicate for 15 seconds then I want to ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to read from and write to rs232 device from/to Arduino

I would like to read data from a rs232 device (SL-5868P Sound Level Meter). protocol and more : I already have a Python script to read the data with a TTL to ...
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Arduino as Modbus RS485 slave using only 2 Digital pins

I want to use RX(0) and TX(1) Pins to make Arduino as an RS485 slave. To do this I am using MAX485 IC (Breakout board) The problem here ...
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MAX232 chip fails to initialize properly with arduino

I have connected a MAX232 chip for RS232 communication with my Arduino. The chip input is connected to Arduino Tx and it is getting power from external 3.3 volt dc power source. My Arduino is also ...
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3 votes
0 answers

How do I Continuity Test/Troubleshoot a Linksprite RS232 V2 Shield?

I have a Linksprite RS232 v2 adapter (which uses a MAX232 chip), as per this image. I have soldered on the headers and tested the pins to make sure there are no solder bridges. I have set the jumpers ...
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Can't get values of max232 with loopback

I didn't find answers which solves my problem with the max232 yet. I connected it like this to my Arduino uno, so my Arduino provides the +5V VCC and the ground: max232 connection The only thing what ...
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GSM Modem with MAX232 to Arduino Serial?

I have GSM modem that has MAX232 interface for RX/TX/GND on three pins. Is it possible to interface Arduino in some way? Tnx for help.
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