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Xbox 360 controller commands to Uno-compatible board via USB module [closed]

I am trying to receive commands on a third-party Arduino-Uno-compatible board from an Xbox 360 controller via an M5Stack USB module but I am not seeing the behavior I expect (see heading Expected ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Error resolving FQBN (Fully Qualified Board Name)

In Arduino IDE, I get this error "Error resolving FQBN: getting", when compiling a sketch. Can anyone help me get around this problem? I am using the Arduino IDE. I have installed the ...
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''Wire1' was not declared in this scope' in I2C_MPU6886 library

I recently purchased a 6-axis IMU MCP6886 module by M5Stack. Product link: The example code provided by the manufacturer is ...
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M5Stack - confused about I2C bus voltage

I've recently got one of these nice M5-Though devices (basically a water-proof M5-Core2). They have these 4-wire sockets to connect their sensors. The I2C socket has 4 pins for +5V, GND, SDA and SCL. ...
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