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ESP-IDF logging library slows down ISR processing

I'm hacking a project with ESP32-WROOM module. I'm running some timers with alarms along with some peripherals triggering ISRs. In the ISR routine I'm sending events to a queue, and receiving them in ...
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How to use ESP_LOGx?

I can't get the logging to work on the ESP32. Here is my example: #define LOG_LOCAL_LEVEL ESP_LOG_VERBOSE #include <esp_log.h> void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); ESP_LOGE("Test",...
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How can I log data to a thumb drive?

I am working on a project where I need to log data, but I was wondering if it is possible to log that data to a thumb drive? I know that I can log data to an SD card, but I thought a thumb drive would ...
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Logging PAR with quantum sensor and Arduino

I want to link a PAR quantum sensor (either Licor or Skye Instruments) to Arduino to log PAR, in order to measure light in a forest. I have an Arduino Uno + data logging shield (with RTC, SD card and ...
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Neo 6M GPS Module does not work properly inside own sketch

I am doing a project right now that involves a Neo 6M GPS module, a micro sd card module and 6 BH1750 light sensors. All the modules work fine when testing them standalone, especially the GPS module ...
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SyslogAppender for log4esp

I'd like to "merge" two Arduino libraires, namely log4Esp on one side and Syslog on the other, hence creating a syslog appender for log4esp. My problem is that log4esp's Appender prototype expects a ...
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Stability issue with webserver and smartmeter logging

In the past few months I have successfully logged the data from the power and gas meter in my house to a remote web server. Now I try to add the ability to enable and disable my doorbell over the ...
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Serial speed for debugging/logging

I have a sketch where I want to check my nRF24L01's and they work great. However, due to Serial.print(ln) statements I noticed there is a lot of delay. Is this normal? I mean, is it better not to ...
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