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Interrupt Service Routine. A function which gets called in response to an interrupt signal.

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Does Proteus simulate external interrupts properly using Arduino? I can't get them to work

I am trying to simulate an interrupt with an Arduino Uno in Proteus. This is the simple test code that I'm using: void introutine() { digitalWrite(13,HIGH); } void setup() { pinMode(13,OUTPUT); ...
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ESP32 trouble with running ledcWrite inside of ISR

ESP32-S2 (Wemos/Lolin S2 mini) Arduino 2.1.1 on Windows 11 Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for any assistance you can provide. I consider myself a newbie when it comes to ...
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Using library functions in timer ISR ESP32

I'm trying to use a library function in my ISR function that uses the internal timer to trigger every 1 ms. The chip that I'm using is an ESP32-C3-MINI. Here is my current code: main.cpp #include <...
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How do I synch the Arduino PID library with an external timer for turn-rate control?

I have been trying to use the Arduino PID library for controlling the rate of turn (in deg/sec) of a wall-following robot. The robot's operating system uses TIMER5 on an Arduino MEGA2560 to update a ...
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One ISR should be called, but both ISR has been called on Arduino UNO

I experimenting with the interrupt ISR using Arduino Uno. In my circuit, I am taking two mechanical switches that are connected with Uno's interrupt pins, pins 2 and 3, and also taking a built-in LED ...
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can an ISR change the value passed by pointer while the subroutine is executing?

So I am working on a project where the board plays a song on a buzzer using PWM and I want the song to stop when i press an external button typedef enum stateType_enum{ waitPress, debouncePress, ...
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Does this sound like a good approach to decoding a dumb keypad?

The background: I bought a "dumb" 8-pin 4x4 keypad for use in a project. (This one: It has a wire connected to each row, and a wire connected to each column. ...
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