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Serial does not read buffer with integer characters greater than 43

I'm trying to write a script to move an object coupled to a linear axis through a stepper motor. The user must send information such as the length to be moved, the speed of movement, the direction of ...
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integer overflow in expression of type 'int' results

i need to wake up my ESP every 60 min to read some data and post it to server, all process working fine when i use numbers of minute below 60 (converted in microsecond x 1000000) but when i use 60 min ...
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ESP32 can not deep sleep longer than 35 minutes

I'm trying to get my Lilygo T5 4.7" epaper to deep sleep for 12 hours. But I only seem to be able to get about half an hour (2100s) of deepsleep on it. If I set the timer for longer, it just ...
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