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What is the difference between a Hall effect sensor and an inductive one? [closed]

From what I have read, when placed within a magnetic field, a current will flow in both sensors. My goal is to use this kind of sensors to guide a robot thanks to an existing automower loop wire, ...
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Controlling multiple 24V solenoids with Arduino

I'm building a pump for which I need 4 medium strength solenoids (20-50N). 24V is probably the minimum I will need to put through them, but this is something I need to test, once I've got them working....
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Use an electromagnet for reading induction as well

I have an electromagnet that I wish to use to pull a neodyne magnet closer. I'm thinking of having the electromagnet sensing when the magnet is close, but when the magnet is running I'm pushing 12 ...
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Piezo not loud enough

I'm trying to get 110dB out of a 25khz Piezo Transducer. This piezo resonates at 25khz and as per the illustration in its datasheet should emit 110dB with 10 volts and 25khz frequency. Any ...
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Use of two external power sources for a power cell - charger

I have a SparkFun Power Cell - LiPo Charger/Booster and want to use the external 5V charge capability. Now my question: Can I directly hook up a DC jack (for a 5V power supply) and an inductive ...
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