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Heat is referring to overheating a chip with too much voltage or current, thus producing heat. It often makes a blueish smoke when the chip exploded from pressure. Use this tag for how to cool the chips and/or how far you can push a certain chip before it will have a reduced lifespan.

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How to power ESP32 with 230V AC

I want to power ESP32 with 230V AC and I don’t know how to do it. The requirement is that it must never overheat. What components should i use? The ESP will be in small space with no airflow. Will it ...
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it just gets too hot . any way of cooling it?

there i just got started with the arduino mega2560 . i tried 8x8 matrix tube and after ~30secs i found the atmega2560 a bit hot that i can melt a small amount wax on it ! is there any sort of heatsink ...
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Whats the best way to keep an Arduino in a waterproof junction box and prevent overheating?

I am trying to make an automatic garden gate unlock that runs on a timer. I plan on running an arduino uno 24/7 with a software timer that activates a motor to release a bolt lock. I am going to fit ...
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Did not find fingerprint sensor :( Arduino Mega 2560 Adafruit Fingerprint Sensor

I'm getting the following error when I try to enroll fingerprints using the Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller along with a Fingerprint Scanner: Did not find fingerprint sensor :( The exact devices ...
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Is my Arduino dead?

I connected my Arduino Uno to an external power supply, but did not noticed the power supply was on 30 V, I saw the part in the picture smoking and immediately pulled the cable out of the Arduino....
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Possible reason for broken Uno

Yesterday I wrote in a comment that I didn't break much, except a LED and a LED matrix. However, exactly yesterday I think my Uno gave up, since I cannot upload a sketch anymore (timeouts). For the ...
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Can removing lines of code destroy a motor driver and make it catch fire?

I am making a pid line follower robot. So I was tinkering with code to optimize my line follower when i removed two lines of code unknowingly. As soon as I uploaded my code and started the line ...
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How to control a Nema 17 stepper motor with an arduino? (too much current / heat)

I am trying to control a Nema 17 motor with a L298n dual bridge and an Arduino Mega. My wiring is from this Instructable:
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Solar Power Inside a Car

I plan on making an Arduino project for reminding a parent to take a child from a car. In order to power the project I though on using a solar panel. Since I can't rely on having solar power all the ...
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Is it safe to power the Uno with 18v?

So I'm aware the Arduino Uno can take 6-20 volts, with a recommended voltage of 7-12. But I have an unregulated 12v power adapter, which puts out about 18v with no load. Most of the time the Arduino ...
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My Arduino is heating up

I am working on a simple Arduino project where I am controlling 5 TowerPro servos. I read that each takes up 2.2 V each so that means the Arduino can only handle about 2 , if using 5V. So far Ive ...
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Dimming 6W (24V DC 0.25A) LEDs using Arduino

I want to dim 24 LEDs which are powered by a transformer outputting 24V 6W at 0.25A I am worried about temperatures, especially considering the circuit has to stay on for several hours keeping the ...
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Why is the regulator very hot?

We have an LED strip connected to output 6 and is powered by the Uno board itself. Shouldn't be drawing too much current, only have 10 elements on the LED strip. While this LED strip is connected to ...
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