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Arduino and Arduino-Cli how to specify include paths?

While this might appear to be a duplicate of this question Loading local libraries it isn't, and for one very simple reason. That question deals with libraries that are expected to be used by ...
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Break a big file into smaller files

I had a really big .ino file and I decided to break it down into sub-files. So I had the .ino file, the globals.h file and the functions.h file. I moved all the global vars and functions to their ...
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Setting pinmode() in header file

I am trying to have a header file to handle all my pin definitions and pinmodes. This is the header: #ifndef __HEADER_TESTER__ #define __HEADER_TESTER__ #include <SoftwareSerial.h> const byte ...
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Odd behavior of defines - is this Arduino specific and how does it work?

A question I have long had regards an interaction between #define statements and a library header include. I've seen several Arduino libraries use this rather convenient configuration system where you ...
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variable or field declared void Error

For a larger sketch, I have separated a chunk of code in a separate .cpp file #include "msg.h" #include <Arduino.h> #include <HTTPClient.h> #include <ArduinoJson.h> void ...
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Using functions in header files [closed]

I want to include a function in my sketch I moved to a .h file. I did it as follows: My code: #include "header.h" void setup() { fct(); } void loop() { } My header: #include "...
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cannot open source file "WProgram.h" in VSCode

So I started typing out this question, but in the process of taking screenshots and looking up sources for the question I figured out the answer :P That said, this problem has been a snag for me for a ...
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What are patterns of bits sent to or read from GPIO pins called?

I want to call them “words”, but I’m uncertain if this is how they are referred to in documentation for the use of a header board that might plug into an ardino board. So if you have a sequence of ONs ...
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What is the logic behind Arduino inlining `HardwareSerial::_rx_complete_irq()` for receiving serial data (but NOT `_tx_udr_empty_irq()`)?

Q: What is the logic behind Arduino inlining HardwareSerial::_rx_complete_irq() for receiving serial data (but NOT _tx_udr_empty_irq()), and when is it advisable? From the bottom of the HardwareSerial ...
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